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Pearly Penile Papules (PPP): Details

Pearly papules or else pearly penile papules also abbreviated as PPP are small white colored lumps that form around the head of the penis or the gland of the penis. They may be mistaken for STI’s. They are seen in rows in the region of the circumference of the head of the penis. The reason as to why the pearly penile papules do appear is not yet known but one should keep in mind that the penile papules are neither caused by sexual activities nor poor hygiene.

Normally the pearly papules are seen to occur during the ages of 20 to 40 years. This growth is normally a diameter of 1 to 3.1 mm. 20 % of pearly papules men are normally affected by the PPP growths at a certain period in the course of their lifetime .A lot of pearly papules men prefer treating the pearly penile papules through natural means so they do not require the doctors attention.

PPP Removal

There are various natural medications that may be used in reducing the symptoms and also probably the complete PPP removal.

We have eucalyptus oil which is usually a herbal medication for PPP removal. The oil of eucalyptus normally has several medicinal benefits because it has antiseptics and is also been used as a way of minimizing and avoiding the infection. When using this oil, you should first clean the area and ensure it is totally dry before starting applying. When drying, make sure you do it gently to avoid scratching the papules because if scratched it would lead to an infection. Apply the eucalyptus oil using cotton wool on each papule and ensure they are well covered with the oil.

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This is  mainly done during the night because there are minimal movements during the night compared to day time. Ensure that the oil on the penile papules dries up before covering it. When you wake up, ensure you clean off any trace of oil and this should be repeated on a daily basis for some weeks until the papules start decreasing and reducing in number till they are finally gone completely. You should be patient with this natural medication because many of the PPP home removal may take quite some period before you notice any change, therefore it is good to carry on with the method which you have chosen, but in case your skin becomes itchy, you are supposed to try a different medication.

Pearly papule removal using lemon juice

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Lemon juice is normally used in minimizing the skin problem symptoms such as the penile papules. These papules are usually undesirable when on the skin despite the fact that they are never infectious. These pearly penile papules are at times noticed when there is retraction of the foreskin. Many pearly papules men usually go for treatment because the papules seem to be a sign of STI’s.

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You are supposed to buy dependable and authentic lemons in case you have chosen to use lemon juice for treating the pearly penile papules. This juice usually has acids which do assist in eliminating the skins layer thus also eliminating the papules too.

PPP removal using castor oil

You may also use the castor oil treatment. It should be applied on a clean and dry skin using a clean cotton pad. Apply only enough amounts and ensure that all the papules are well covered with this castor oil. Allow the oil on the penile papules to dry and then cover the part. Repeat this procedure for 4 times in a day for some weeks so that this medication can be effective. You should be patient while using this method because many of the PPP home removal may take quite some period before you notice any change. While using this remedy, you should try and avoid rubbing the area which is affected by the penile papules since infections can affect that region easily. The castor oil is also good in removing of infections caused by bacteria’s and fungi also reduces inflammation.

PPP home removal using iodine

This method is best in case you want some privacy since the pearly penile papules is normally considered as an embarrassing condition thus medication like this of using iodine is suitable at home instead of visiting a doctor.

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Apply iodine on the papules and allow it to dry. This normally takes some minutes and it may be itchy. Ensure that you do not cover that affected part until the iodine has dried up completely because this also ensures that your clothes are not stained. The iodine will definitely dry out the pearly penile papules and you will see them reducing and disappearing. In case of PPP home removal, there will be no immediate results but all you will need is to be patient. You will also require applying the iodine regularly and ensure you do it 1 time in a day for 3 weeks. You should not scratch or rub the papules as you wait for their disappearance because it may cause an infection in the affected part.

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